What I offer is tailor made to each and every couple with their wishes catered for throughout the complete wedding planning process. Although I offer specialised packages on request for couples that have a specific budget in mind, I do however recommend a more personalised approach to planning a couple’s wedding day.
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A Stress Free Approach To Setting That Lanzarote Wedding Budget

Madi Robson

There is nothing more exciting that planning your Lanzarote wedding, however sometimes that excitement can be temporarily overshadowed by one little factor….deciding on that all important wedding budget! For the large majority, this proves to be a time when divorce can be on the cards before saying “I Do” as it’s fair to say us women love to have everything included in our Lanzarote wedding packages even if the groom to be is not quite so sure. Rest assure, that today I hope to not take away the stress but to make the whole Lanzarote weddings process that bit more enjoyable, more clearer so you have a guideline of what to expect so there are no hidden extras along the way…


1. Make It Enjoyable – Choose a day/time that you and your fiancé can sit down over a bottle of wine/prosecco or a cup of tea even where there will be no distractions (log out of Facebook, turn your phones off etc) and first of all discuss between you what type of Lanzarote wedding that you would like. Would you like this in a hotel? by the beach? in a restaurant? What’s important for you both? What would you describe as your dream Lanzarote wedding? Grab a piece of paper and a pen or if you’re extremely organised and like a bit of stationery then buy yourself a nice notebook.

2. Make A List – Take a look at all the Lanzarote wedding services that you would like to include in your personalised wedding package. Try to not at this stage write prices down. It is very easy to remove wedding services at the stage when accessing what is important and what’s not so important to keep in your package. I like to help couples by sending the one of my Lanzarote Wedding Checklists that list all of the key wedding features. Talk this through with your fiancé and tick or highlight what you think at this stage you would like.

3. Finance – Regardless of the amount that you decide on for your Lanzarote wedding budget, how will you be financing your wedding? Will this be paid entirely by yourselves as a a couple from individual savings? Will you be applying for a loan to subside your wedding costs? or will family members be contributing to your wedding costs?

4. Wedding Venue – Next is probably the most important factor. Where will you be having your wedding? If you’re at the beginning of  planning your wedding in Lanzarote, then number one on this Lanzarote wedding list is key. From discussing with your Lanzarote wedding planner what your ideal wedding location would be, then Lanzarote wedding venues can be recommended. Once you’ve both scheduled another important time (without distractions) to discuss this together then that is when cost becomes involved. Always make sure that you both continue to communicate very openly every step of the way. This is a magical, once in a lifetime experience for you both and you should cherish every moment.

5. Payment Plan – Once you’ve both decided on that Lanzarote wedding venue that gives you butterflies in your tummy and fills you with excitement (and makes you have that gooey feeling!) then the next stage is to review the costs. Take a look at that Lanzarote wedding package that has been put together for you (I always tailor my wedding packages so these are created/designed individually for each and every couple for that extra special touch) and it’s about number crunching! If you’re paying for your Lanzarote wedding from your own savings or from help of direct family members then it’s sitting down (yes there will be quite a few times when you both will need to devout time for these discussions) and looking at what’s affordable. What is not going to break the bank or leave you in a sticky financial situation and what’s going to at the same time fill you with a happy, memorable day that will forever be in your minds. If you’re putting a savings plan together discuss how much will be saved monthly, possibly open your first “joint” savings account and set up a direct debit monthly for your “Lanzarote Wedding Fund” and make sure that this is done without you having to physically do this every month. It may be a wedding jar, that’s absolutely fine but do remember to agree on an amount per month that you can comfortably save that will not put you both as a couple under pressure in your day to day lives. If you’re going to ask for a loan, then do your research…..visit local banks/building societies etc and make sure you get the right payment plan and have a clear idea of how much the repayments will be and over what timeframe. From that you can gauge whether this is affordable and worthwhile going ahead with. Don’t rush into accepting the first loan approval…make sure it’s the right one.

6. Wedding Services – Once you have decided on a payment method then you can then look at your personalised Lanzarote wedding proposal and see if this is affordable. Be honest with your Lanzarote wedding planner and really discuss what’s really important to you both. Guaranteed that by eliminating one or more key services that will not determine whether or not you will have a beautiful wedding. It’s about making sure that you and your husband/wife to be are surrounded by those that you love and that the important wedding services are included. This can be changed throughout the wedding process and remember….most of these Lanzarote wedding services only require a small deposit and as with your total wedding bill this will be required no earlier than 4 weeks before your big day (so no need to stress in the meantime!!)

7. Commit – Keep discussing with each other every step of the way what you want from your Lanzarote wedding, whether you want a videographer, photographer, DJ, Band, Make Up Artist, Hairdresser and once this has all been decided…..commit by setting your Lanzarote wedding date.

8. Confirmation – Once your Lanzarote wedding date has been confirmed, this is the first payment and the main one you will make until the time comes 4 weeks before when your final invoice is due. Find out when your Lanzarote wedding venue has been decided what amount is required and then ensure that funds are then in place to make this payment. Remember that only small deposits on other services will be required in the interim and nothing major until just before the wedding.

9. Wedding Date – At this stage your wedding date is confirmed, deposit payment has been made and the excitement can really begin. Countdown has began and this is the time to start really enjoy the wedding planning process as the stress of the financial side that was weighing on your mind at the beginning has now disappeared.

10. Getting Started – This is when the Lanzarote wedding planning really begins, the bride especially gets to make important yet exciting decisions and we would then have regular phone calls/skypes/facetime sessions to discuss plans and ideas.

I hope you’ve all found this helpful, that is has relieved any initial stress or concern. If you’re looking at getting married in Lanzarote and not sure at all where to start then do get in touch. I would be delighted to help make that Lanzarote wedding planning process as enjoyable and as happy as possible for you and your fiancé.

Sunny Regards


(The Lanzarote Wedding Planner)

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