What I offer is tailor made to each and every couple with their wishes catered for throughout the complete wedding planning process. Although I offer specialised packages on request for couples that have a specific budget in mind, I do however recommend a more personalised approach to planning a couple’s wedding day.
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Top Lanzarote Wedding Tips

How To Have That Perfect Stress Free Lanzarote Wedding in the Sunshine

Petr Ovralov

This week’s blog, I want to really help those couples that are just starting their Lanzarote wedding planning journey and are in need of a little helping hand to guide them in the right direction.

A couple of weeks ago via my Facebook page, I did a video on Lanzarote weddings about the all important things to consider when you first start planning your wedding in Lanzarote. It’s never easy, there are always a million and one things to think about and more than likely your head will be in a spin at some point as there is so much to consider.

To avoid those initial headaches, I want to share with you all some pointers on Lanzarote weddings and where to start when aiming for that dream plan of getting married in Lanzarote and in the glorious sunshine.

  • Wedding Date – Do you have a special date in mind for your wedding in Lanzarote or a particular month? This is one of the first things I always ask couples and this can sometimes be the trickiest question. In most cases getting the time off work can be tough, school holidays may have to be considered, temperature and weather conditions and family etc.
  • Venue – When you picture your dream wedding in Lanzarote what do you see? Beach, Sea Views, Good Food, Hotel (to incorporate the honeymoon or the after party!), Quality Restaurant in a beautiful area? Cultural Landmark or a Private Luxury Villa? What would be your magical Lanzarote wedding day?
  • Location – Is this an easy place for guests to get to? Is it within a touristic area or close by where there is a good selection of local accommodation available? If it’s a little remote, can transport be organised easily?


  • Guests – When starting out on your Lanzarote wedding search, it’s definitely good to make a list of all of the people that you would both like to attend your wedding. Why not sit down together over a glass of wine and discuss with your fiancé or partner the people that you cannot be without at your wedding in Lanzarote and jot them down. You will no doubt have some definite people you wish to invite and some maybe’s….think the most that are likely to attend and incorporate that into the next stage…..determining your wedding budget.
  • Budget – Once you have your list of names this can really help you determine the budget of your Lanzarote wedding. Discuss together how your wedding will be paid, be realistic in terms of what’s affordable and make sure that when you’re enquiring with Lanzarote wedding planners that you state what your budget it is. Don’t forget about the style of Lanzarote wedding you would like as this is very important and that way Lanzarote wedding venues can be suggested around what is your dream wedding location and also within the amount you both aim to spend.

All these factors will help make the Lanzarote wedding planning process much more clearer, stress free and above all painless. It’s about you and your fiancé/partner enjoying this special time of planning your future together and sharing it with your nearest and dearest. Not having to worry about finances, venue, guest list etc….

Here’s a little video of a recent wedding at the Hotel Rubicon Palace, to give you a taste of one of the many beautiful Lanzarote wedding venues available here on this lovely island.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and I will be back soon with more Lanzarote wedding blog’s to share with you all.

Sunny Regards

Lindsey x

(The Lanzarote Wedding Planner)

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