What I offer is tailor made to each and every couple with their wishes catered for throughout the complete wedding planning process. Although I offer specialised packages on request for couples that have a specific budget in mind, I do however recommend a more personalised approach to planning a couple’s wedding day.
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Memories are created through imagery and wedding photography is one of the most important decisions a couple can make during the Lanzarote wedding planning process. Your wedding in Lanzarote will always be remembered in your heart and soul for the rest of your life, however it’s always nice to re-visit your Lanzarote wedding in years to come and look over those photos with happy tears and emotion. That’s why choosing the right professional Lanzarote wedding photographer to capture those moments is vital as you want to cherish those images and hold them close to your heart forever.

Every couple prefer different styles of wedding photography and that’s why I always recommend either meeting your chosen photographer or sample a good example of their work. I primarily recommend a Lanzarote based photographer that has lived in Lanzarote for numerous years and has over 10 years experienced as a wedding photographer on the island. Experience is key as well as a great knowledge of the island, the position of the sun and the times of day when shooting is preferred to capture those dream wedding photos.

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Betty Rawson is able to tick all those boxes due to her vast experience and great knowledge of not only Lanzarote but the main Lanzarote wedding venues. Aside from the conventional wedding shots that include group photos, Betty with her degree in Fine Art is always able to offer an artistic twist to any of her photography and welcomes new ideas as well as input from couples as to the style they are aiming to achieve. She also provides on the larger wedding packages a second photographer Steve Lupson, who provides an added selection of Lanzarote wedding photography as well as a different approach and angle. Together as a team they are able to fulfil all those casual photos as well as the quirky “Pinterest” inspired shots that you may see online. Always open to ideas and above all always provide a great rapport with not only the bride and groom but also the wedding guests.

A selection of Lanzarote wedding photography packages are available and can be provided during the early stages of the wedding planning process. Also other photographers that you may like to consider for your Lanzarote wedding.



There’s nothing better than sitting back and watching your Lanzarote wedding on video when this comes to life on your TV screen. The chance to re-live that magical, fairytale Lanzarote wedding day where all those important people in your life were present to witness your joy and happiness. Guaranteed that every time you watch it back, you will notice another beautiful moment that you may have missed when watching previously. Guaranteed it will make your heart skip a beat.

Not only are Mark & Emma multi talented as an acoustic duo, but have a wealth of experience as professional videographers here in Lanzarote. Emmiel as they are known in Lanzarote are credible videographers with a fantastic reputation for providing a great selection of wedding highlights for couples look at having their Lanzarote wedding day documented as a keepsake memory to treasure for a lifetime.

From full day video coverage to short “Marryoke” style wedding videos, they can offer a great selection of video possibilities to choose from all with a variety of prices etc.


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Your Lanzarote wedding is all about receiving the very best wedding planning service and I will be your one and only wedding planner from the very first initial stages up until the end of your Lanzarote wedding experience. Planning your wedding in Lanzarote is one of the most important times in your life, so a rapid response time of less than 24 hours from receiving your Lanzarote wedding enquiries or queries is absolutely vital. This applies throughout the whole wedding planning process.